Requiem of a Walking Disaster
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Pasha’s Tips for All-Nighters

  1. Pace yourself- I know that Monster looks appealing, but if you chug it all at once, you’ll crash faster. Drink a few sips at a time. Chug a quarter of it, drink some water, then drink some more energy drink. Make  sure you’ve got enough that you can catch yourself before you crash.
  2. Take breaks- Give yourself a fifteen-minute break every hour or so. But don’t just sit still and tumblr; do some stretching. Push yourself so you feel a slight burn in your muscles, shake out your hands and fingers, take a quick lap around your room/house/dorm hallway.
  3. Music music music- Get something with a good rhythm. Be careful with classical music because that stuff will drag you right into snoozeville with no warning.
  4. Food- Have your guilty pleasures, the gummy bears, the chocolate, etc. But also throw some healthy stuff in there. Always bring a banana to a party- the potassium is good for you and will help prevent your muscles from cramping.
  5. Nest- Get a place where you can spread a lot of stuff out. Organize your notes according to subject, and put them all around you so everything is within arm’s reach. Because about six hours into your all-nighter, you’re going to be unable to be bothered by the trouble of getting up and walking a whole two feet to get the book you need.
  6. Multitask- Have a couple of papers to write? Don’t try to write them all at once. Write a chunk of one, then move on to another one as a ‘break’ to give your brain time to gain more thoughts.
  7. Get a buddy- Even if it’s through Tumblr or Facebook. You guys can proof-read stuff for each other, make sure what you’re writing makes enough sense to turn in.
  8. Don’t shower- No, wait, hear me out on this one. Showering should be your ‘reward’ for the end of the all-nighter. It will make you feel refreshed for the day ahead of you.
  9. Lights- Keep the lighting high to trick your body into thinking it’s still daylight. Avoid windows. And finally…
  10. Have fun- It’s okay to pull up a funny video while you’re stretching out or taking a break. Laughter is good for the soul.

Good luck with your all-nighters, friends! And remember…

If you’re going through hell week, keep going.